How could I start a product line for acne?

I've added certain ingredients together which have made a MIRACLE acne,dark spot,large pores,ect...It's a 3 step process My formula, a neutralizer, and a moisturizer...Anyway, How could I get this in the market?

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Advertising costs could well be greater than actual production, I'm sure it's near impossible for a new band name to get into major retail outlets, you could try to do direct marketing on the internet in part to develop some brand recognition.

A web search for White Label Cosmetics will find a number of suppliers of pre-formulated skin care and beauty products, some of whom can also manufacture your own formula, these may enable you to broaden your product line to give the appearance of a bigger business.

You also have certain liability risks with such a product, it would be best to be incorporated to avoid a lawsuit claiming your home, etc. There may be FTC and FDA regulations you have to conform to. FTC is more about being able to prove your claims and not using fake testimonials, FDA may hav esafety regulations for topical treatments as well as conventional drugs.

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