How do I go about putting up my small company window posters on local business windows in neighborhoods?

I have a small start-up business and I wanted to get the word out by placing company window posters on local business windows, trees, side buildings. How do I go about getting the posters out without having to go to a large advertisement company who charges a ton of money? Remember, I am still considered a small business. So I don't have that type of money to spend and if I do the posting myself and hire a couple of people am I violating posting rules? How do I go about advertisements.

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That's not a very effective strategy, probably does violate local ordinances, a business is more likely to be prosecuted than a lost dog poster.

Paid advertising is a necessary evil for most businesses, some offer discounts that might make no profit, just to get new customers in the door, assuming repeat customers will make the campaign pay off.

One option in the U.S. is the USPS program that delivers a mail piece to everyone on a selected mail route for as little as $0.142 a piece, they manage this by skipping the whole sorting/postmarking process, you have the option to send an oversize double sided glossy postcard normally not allowed (though the printing cost would exceed the postage for it.)

A typical mail route may have about 1000 addresses, making for perhaps $142 postage cost.

A neighborhood coupon mailing service, or kids leaving flyers on porches may be an approach (it's a federal offense to drop things into mail boxes)

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Careful, in most cities you could get a fine for littering.

by Silly Goose - 6 months ago

You have to ask at each store if you can put it in their window. As for trees etc. you need to check your local regulations on that.

by dadnbob - 6 months ago