Has anyone ever heard of "housewives of telemarketing "?

Ok so I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a legit work at home job . I was hired by a company called " Housewives of Telemarketing ". I have tried researching tis but only ame up with 1 resut , a complaint .. I had to buy a headset and they sent me paperwork and everything and its supposed to be $8.00 an hour plus commission if you make any . I have training tommorow . I just dont wanna get my hopes up . If you have heard of them please let me know . Thank you !!

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You can find one complaint about the 4 month old site on the internet, the BBB has not rated it.

Pretty standard for such an operation, the site is registered through a paid proxy to conceal the real owner info.

If you don't have to pay for training it could be legit, depending on how soon the first pay check comes. Telemarketing can be a skin thickening, character building experience.

You can probably find more, often temporary jobs like this on the freelance marketplaces or, the "anything goes" section of the less well monitored shows how diverse the jobs can get. Workers win more job bids after developing a history of happy employers.

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they are ripp offs so dont work for them ..they are not legit they are a couple ..they go by different names like tonya amanda and many more so iam just warning you no body warned me....

by are peaches good for my dog - 6 months ago

don't work for them they will not pay you! I was a victim of nonpayment of hours worked. they did not pay me. I worked for them for 30 days.

by Stacypetronmelaleuca - 4 months ago

so kimberky did you try out the job?

by Tasha Blacks - 4 months ago