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    How do you use the "which close" sales method for closing the sale?

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    You are right: "I can understand your hesitation, the color is certainly not exactly what you had in mind. But many of our customers felt the same way, until their friend received the gift. They found that this color is very popular." Competitor endorsement: "Mr. Smith, as we discussed earlier, this is a popular color. In fact, your neighbor Mr. Jones purchased one yesterday." A choice: "Mr. Smith, would you like the blue color or the red color?" Bluff Called: "Mr. Smith, if I can get you the yellow color, would you take it?" The impending doom: "Mr. Smith, please come and see us after you and your wife talk about the color. But, one of the reasons I wanted to wrap this up today for you is that the price increases tomorrow." The crowded room: "One of the reasons I wanted to wrap this up today for you is that we only have five blue items left in inventory." Logical: "If I can prove to you, without a doubt, that blue will work, will you give it a try?" The Challenge: "Mr. Smith, I don't think you will need the blue color. Can I show you the red color?" Value Added: "Mr. Smith, we have developed customer financing so you won't have to worry about that." Kick the Tires: "Mr. Smith, it looks like you are serious about this, but have some doubts. I'll tell you what, buy it and take it home for a couple of days. If I'm wrong, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, bring it back for a full refund." Pre-Close: "If you buy this model, what kind of speakers would you plan to use with it?" An assumption: "Mr. Smith, where would you like this delivered?" Luxury: "Treat yourself to something nice today and give us a try." Reverse: "Mr. Smith, now that its over, could I ask just one question? Why wouldn't you buy from me?"
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