How to make a 2 minute informational commercial?

I have to do a 2 minute commercial/video on fad diets. I just need an idea or two, please. And how do I make a2 minute video with so little information? Help, please? Thank you!

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You do some research.

You decide what position you want to take regarding fad diets.

Then you do a lot more research to help support your position. So you end up with a lot of information, not "so little information."

You write up a script. Probably about 500 words--that's less than 2 pages double-spaced. You practice the script. Fine-tune it so it sounds as if you're speaking, not as if you're reading something written down.

The structure should be: (1) Here's my main point, (2) Here's some information (2-3 points supporting your main theme), and (3) "In conclusion...."

Then you record it. If necessary, use the built-in web-cam on most computers.

As for WHAT to say, what "idea" to present, that's up to you. Among the possibilities:

* Fad diets are dangerous, generally not supported by scientific evidence, and ineffective.
* Fad diets are harmless. Some may work; some may not. But the right one can help a person lose weight.
* Fad diets are good. It focuses people on the very real problem of being overweight and obese. Few of them are dangerous and some help people.

Hope that helps.

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