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    I have 8 years experience in graphic design, where can I find clients?

    I'm great at graphic design. Designing promotional content and so forth. 3D modeling programs, The Adobe suite, Real Flow, and much more, but I can't find any clients online. Does anyone know who I can help? Thanks.
    2 years ago 2 Answers

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    Well I am going to suggest something off the wall. Why not contact a few of the more popular youtubers, and offer them design for a shout out. This should allow you to get your name mentioned in a crowd that is likely to help you build your clients. Just choose the right youtubers. Stay away from the infamous people and you should be able to build off of that. Another thing you could do, is start a branding business. Again you could take someone who is moderately popular, and use their fame to produce t-shirts, hats, or other products based on your design. This model can be adapted beyond the internet. Right in your local community, you could design a hat or t-shirt for a local business that could help promote them. Lastly, I would think if you visit some of those crowd source websites that are popping up all over the place, I would think that would be a market in need of a graphic designer.
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    • could you teach me good sir...i have always wanted to know how to animate 2D and 3D

      by OMG - 18 hours ago

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