What are some motivational tips you can provide me with?

I need motivation tips please. Sometimes I feel motivated then sometimes I don't.

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My girlfriend of my single days once had a cross-stitched slogan framed on her wall: "The way to get things done is to do them." (I presume the cross-stitcher put off doing her own things until the sampler was stitched.) I thought that was a rather self-evident thing, but the more I thought about it the wiser it became, and now it's a maxim I live by. Just plunge in and do things rather than waste time and energy dreading them. Good luck.

7 months ago

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Think of your goal and think of how gratifying it will feel once you achieve your goal


by Stephen - 7 months ago

Would you rather regret something you did? Or regret something you didnt do?

by Michael - 7 months ago

There are some motivational thoughts that you can read at online and also you should watch some motivational video on You-tube. Self confidence is one of the most important thing that you should try to make on you.

by Chris - 7 months ago

This Blog will really helpyou out. The best way to stay motivated is to do something you love and to find humor in anything you can.

by Moustache Pete - 7 months ago

when you feel demotivating then you should take deep breathe and think all is well.

by Debra L. - 7 months ago

Some eat to live, while other live to eat, whichever way, please live and eat.

by Largest Classifieds - 7 months ago