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    What should I NOT do when selling on craigslist for the first time?

    I have some video games and other small items I want to sell leftover from a garage sale. The games are worth more than what people were willing to pay at the garage sale. I don't like the hassle of Amazon or Ebay. I've never tried it. I'm afraid I'll take too long to ship them or forget to do anything at all during the school year. Should I try craigslist and only sell them locally? There's people in my town already doing it. I don't really know how it works but 1. I would meet them in public place only 2. Give them just my e-mail ( an account just for Craigslist) 3. Cash only Do I have to give them my number? Should I worry about them asking to see them and then running off with them? It would great if they were a fellow college student at my university so I could meet them easier, or is that risky?
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    Hi, First and most importantly....never give out any of your personal information when dealing with a free classified ad site. NEVER. The following is my game plan when selling online. Always use a secondary email. Never your primary. If possible use a classified site that has an anonymous messaging system. I frequently use The Road Code.com and they have a simple system that I like. www.theroadcode.com Watch out for suspicious messages from buyers that are willing to pay a premium for your item if you ship it out to them right away. western union and other wire transfer scams are the most common. Run away from them ASAP and dont respond. If you do decide to meet to sell your item. Do so in a public place like inside a mall or coffee shop. If you can bring along a friend. And deal only with cash. Just use common sense and trust your gut. If something seems fishy it probably is. Hope this helped
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    • It can be fun to sell your stuff on Craigslist. All sales are cash (delete any responses that mention PayPal or Western Union). You can have buyers come to your driveway or the front of your apartment complex. Some might not buy unless they can play the games so you might have to let them in your house..... have a friend there. You can post your phone number in the ad. Lots of buyers prefer to call. Craigslist is a home for bargain hunters. No one will pay top dollar for your small items. You will know in one day if your prices are correct or too high.

      by Ed Atun - 4 hours ago

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