What does it mean when someone asks you "What is your rate"?

I am collaborating with a company called Entwine Couture. I received an email from their marketing rep and she asked "what are my rates". I am a blogger and she sent me a huge package of stuff free of charge and now wants to know what my rates are. Is it that she is willing to pay me for my expertise?
If so, what is a appropriate/acceptable rate I should recommend?

SN: I review on my popular blog and Youtube channel as well as promote on my face fan page

I am asking because I usually get offered a flat rate/affiliation pay out. Never been asked for my rate. However, don't want to get things misconstrued or ask them and them renege on it.

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Why not just them about your usual fee. I think that's what they are asking. But get clarification if you aren't sure.

8 months ago

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she is asking how much you charge for a product review or to promote her product. btw what is your blog would love to check it out.

by Lisa - 8 months ago

Recieving pay gives the impression of being a paid advertiser rather than an impartial reviewer. If you do not feel comfortable recieving pay for an honest review, then you should tell them so.

by Betty - 8 months ago