How to start your own cell phone company?

I am a engineer looking to start my own phone company that will one day become a multi electronic company and due to todays economy i would like to start with smart phones. I know half of the people that may answer will be not what i want so if you can answer:

1.How do i get started.

2.Are there companies to make my phone once i create it or do I have to start my own factory.

3.How do I advertise it.

4.How do i get Verizon,sprint.etc.... to put my phones in their stores.

If anyone has any clue on how to start a business like that it would be very appreciated.

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Like any business you really need to prepare a business plan to outline all these things. Market research will help address a lot of these issues. In US the likes of SCORE and SBA can provide free business advice and help.

Perhaps you should consider a partnership, as you state you are an engineer, maybe you need someone more focused on business and negotiations rather than the technology.

8 months ago