If I sell my artwork online, would I be paid in cash?

I'm tired of living off my parents. So I need to find a way to make money fast and as it seems, I'm a good drawer which could be useful for making a profit. But you see, I don't even have a paypal and I'm not even sure if signing up to a paypal is free. Hopefully selling your art doesn't require a paypal cause I'm broke.

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Nate Pay-Pal is free and if you are 16 you can open a PayPal! Don't trust people to send cash - atleast have them send 1/2 in Miney Order up front!! Also don't forget to charge for postage- I guess you'll send flat drawings in a Postage Tube!! People expect to pay for postage but when you advertise make sure you post your prices and put PLUS postage!
What do you draw??? DOGS OR HORSES??? God Bless Reggie

Best friend was artist before she passed a couple yrs ago!! Sold many many pieces on line! Anything over $50 she would encourage pitchers to take out insurance !! BUT she did use PayPal- they automatically insurance I believe up to $100!!


7 months ago

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PayPal is free as far as I know.

Go to and offer your services to start with. Get some customers and build it from there.

by @ The Beach - 7 months ago