Customers preference: served by what kind of people (retail)?

Do customer like to be serve by someone uglier(more average looking) or prettier than them?
Do they want to be left completely alone while they do their shopping?How much "help" do they really want? What kinds of demeanor do they prefer the retail assistant to have: the confident handsome bro(not a douche) or professional butler? et cetera. What are the psychological factors that contribute to these answers.

If you can, try to quote some real life studies that has been done. Statistics are welcome.

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Appearance is irrelevant as long as they smile.
I hate being approached as soon as I walk in the door.
Saying "Good morning/afternoon to acknowledge that they have seen me is enough. If I want help I have a tongue in my head and will say so. Otherwise I like to be left alone to look around until I see something I like. Staff wanting to show me stuff I don't want, like or need makes me fed up and I leave.

8 months ago