How can I get the money from eBay sold item?

Okay so I want to sell my iPod and 2 of my basketball shoes and I know how to sell an item on there but my problem with the money part is that I don't have a credit card and please don't say use your parent's credit card because I will say what my mom said to me 10 times to my face "No". So how can I get the money from the items I have sold.

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COD is cash on delivery. They will pay the people who delivered it and tey will take about 10% and give you the rest.

8 months ago

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Hello I am contacting you because recently eBay told me I couldn't sell on eBay anymore and they couldn't give me a real reason on why it really upset me because I use it as a second income in the past few months they have raised their selling fees and they take a huge chunk out of what you get when you sell an item so I said the heck with them I looked online and found they are 100% better than eBay and they are very similar it is free to list items and they only take a little percentage out of what you make off an item they also use Paypal for their payment option which is very secure and safe its just a lot better no selling limits nothing they also have buyer protection I hope you consider looking into for your selling thank you for your time please spread the word so we can get a lot of people to go on the site I would love to see this company grow

thank you
Jessica s

ebay is terrible you don't want to use them

by Jess - 8 months ago