Garunteed best answer. Selling on eBay. Not sure if customers can be trusted?

Hey people,

I'm experienced with buying items on ebay . But I've never sold an item. I have an electronic device worth a decent amount of money and I'm looking to sell on eBay. It works 100% perfectly

What if the buyer damages it and wants a refund or something? I won't be responsible for their carelessness or trouble causing ways. What precautions can I take and what advice would you's give?

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You must describe the item with great accuracy. If there is the smallest little scratch on it somewhere then say so. Buyers hate surprises. Specify a clear return policy and that the buyer must pay for return shipping and insurance. Saying "No refunds" means nothing in the real world. They can claim it's not as described and PayPal will give them their money back anyway. It would be your word against theirs and they will side with the buyer.

As a new seller your money will be held up to 21 days to insure the customer receives it and is happy with it. Always use tracking and if your item sells from more than a couple hundred dollars make sure to send it signature required. You will never be 100% safe selling items though the mail but you can take measures to help.

As another answer suggested you might want to look into Craigslist but be aware that Craigslist is full of scammers. It if for meeting face to face and exchanging cash for the item, not shipping it somewhere. Always meet in a public place.

8 months ago

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specify no refunds in your copy. how old is item? why are you not using craigslist which has no fees?


by Tricia - 8 months ago

New sellers should not start with expensive electronic gadgets that can break easily and are frequently targeted for scams. My advice to you is either start small or sell your gadget on craigslist instead.

by GinoParisian - 8 months ago