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    graptees.com a legit website?

    Ok so back in July I ordered a tshirt and they are located out of the US so they said delivery will be 6-14 days after shipping. Well, 3 days after my order was placed I got an email saying it was completed. Then I happily waited 14 days. by day 14 I was wondering why it didn't get here yet, then day 30 came and by then I already sent them 4 emails asking what happened to my order. No response at all, then I ended going on vacation and tried contacting them 3 more times late August and no response from them till this day! I'm so disappointed because the shirt was $34 not including shipping and I still have no package from them. I had to pay with paypal so I thought they were trusted but I'm just not a happy customer. Can I get my money back even though it's been about 2 months already?
    9 months ago 4 Answers

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    I've had exactly the same thing! I ordered T-Shirt at the beginning of May and back then they said that it was currently out of stock, but would get new stock in soon. On may 23rd, they said that it had been shipped. A few weeks later, I still had not received it so I sent them a message on the site, a message on the 'Contact us' page and also a reply email to the shipped status email. I still heard nothing. I sent more messages, then finally I had a reply to say that they were looking into it. A couple of weeks later and I still had no reply, so I sent more messages and still no reply. I finally had a reply on 3rd August where they said it must be lost and did I want a re-fund or replacement? I said a replacement as I wanted this T-Shirt, but I also said could you please let me know when you have shipped it. Since then I have heard nothing! Again I have sent several emails in the message system, in the 'contact us' page and also by email with sill no reply! It is very frustrating as there is no way to contact them by phone. I have now been waiting over 4 months for my order! I wonder how many other people have had this happen to them? I'm wondering if it is some kind of scam site? As I cannot believe that a legitimate company can get away with such bad customer service. I'm really no sure what to do next, but I want to try and get the word out there, that they are not to be trusted and no not ever order from them!
    2 years ago

    Other Answers

    • yes,graptees.com a legit website.

      by Karl Skotte - 6 hours ago

    • Awful company. Ordered a tshirt back in june this year, did not arrive, emailed numerous times, 1 reply saying it was in the system early on then nothing, effectively stole my money and i can't get hold of them to get my money back. Disgusted.

      by sam - 6 hours ago

    • graptees are a really good site to buy tees and delivery is always quick - never had a problem with them

      by mamoona - 6 hours ago

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