How do I market my network marketing company I am in?

Ideas? Suggestions?

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Start with LinkedIn as its a great business network tool.
Use it properly and it will pay dividends as all top brass use it. Its like Facebook for professionals with lots of jobs, business info and ideas and places to shout about your own business. Give it a try!


8 months ago

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Network marketing is way to create success on your own terms. It is usually designed with leaders that are dedicated and loyal to helping you create a steady income and reach any goals you have set for yourself. I myself am apart of young business called LIMU that's growing at a 400% rate. There is many opportunities in this company for you to better yourself and the ones around you while are earning extra income. If you would like to receive free information about LIMU i can email you/or i have a link you can check out. Look forward to hearing from you, have a Blessed Day.

by d.brown5707 - 6 months ago

Yes, LinkedIn is VERY good for marketing however you want to be sure you are harmed with the "know how" before you spend too much time and have no results! Same with Facebook, Google etc..

This may help!

by BridgetteW - 6 months ago

You market it by using passive and active methods. Passive marketing involves things like the internet, where you learn how to blog and answer questions like this, providing value to the marketplace in exchange for branding and contacts. Offline you network, preferably at large venues where you can meet lots of people and follow up with them later. Good luck!


by Jason - 5 months ago