Are websites selling your browsing history to advertising companies?

The other day I was on Barnes and Noble's website and was looking for a book. The next day I was on YouTube and noticed an ad next to the video advertising the same book. Now last night, I was searching up chewy runts and am now having it advertised to me again. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Actually it sounds to me like Ad-Retargeting, a common, proven effective advertising strategy that doesn't access your history, rather the book store set an annonymous cookie in your browser when you visited the page, they are now paying ad networks to show ads, generally inviting you to return, when you visit any web page that's part of a certain ad network.

Often there will be an Adchoice link in the ads where you may be able to opt-out from that particular promotion, clearing browser cookies is a brute force fix that may lose some shortcut info for sites you use.

8 months ago

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They are accessing your search history. I keep seeing the same quilt that I looked at days ago. I guess they think I want to see the same items over and over again. I guess I could clear the cache.

by Lolly - 8 months ago

It happens, just clear cookies and watch where you go. someone is always listening

by Kaycyrils - 8 months ago