Need help with craigslist again.?

I'm selling something on craigslist and this guy asked me if I would accept a certified check after it has been cashed. I'm confused because idk money terms lol. Basically is it a scam somehow?

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It's a scam - read Craigslist's scam warning page
"DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON - follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts."
"FAKE CASHIER CHECKS & MONEY ORDERS ARE COMMON - BANKS WILL HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE when the fake is discovered weeks later." -- a certified check is the same as a cashier's check

Craigslist is ONLY for face to face CASH transactions or you will always be scammed. Your bank WILL clear a certified check. It's not until 3-4 weeks later that it will come back as counterfeit - long after the scammer has your item. And you will owe your bank the FULL amount of the check plus bounced check fees

You NEVER give your home address to anyone on Craigslist. Do you know how many people have been targeted for home invasion robberies by fake Craigslist buyers - including one man who was killed during one of these robberies

and ignore everyone who wants anything else

8 months ago

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If you don't recognize a certified check it probably won't be that meaningful.

There's a whole Nigerian industry that exploits a weakness in the banking system that advances you money on a check you deposit, that might turn out up to 2 weeks later in the vase of international banks to be a bad check when physically processed by the issuing bank.

If you were to cash a certified check at a bank, I assume you would be guaranteed on it being a reliable payment. Sometimes people meet at a bank parking lot to do a deal after a check gets deposited/cashed on the spot. (Not sure why the buyer can't just bring cash, perhaps fearing you mugging them)

by Jake - 8 months ago