Advertising Agency Willing to do an Email Interview?

I'm doing advertising for my senior project, and I need to conduct an interview with someone in the field for the research paper. Problem is there aren't any firms in my hometown large enough to answer the questions I have (i.e. do you use focus groups, do you conduct demographic research). If anyone could point me in the direction of an advertising firm willing to give me an interview and which is large enough to answer my questions it would be a humongous help, thanks!

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You'll have to do this research yourself (that's the point of this assignment, in case you haven't figured that out - I teach a similar course where we do this, it's definitely the hardest part.)

What you need to do is check out various potential options online and see who to contact within - you can do that through the contact info on the website, that sometimes works...but really the better way is to search on LinkedIn to find specific people in positions that might be able to answer your questions.

Persistence pays off - send a range of queries out, and select the best leads that come back. The worst that can happen is a lot of people want to share their experiences.

This is a networking exercise first and foremost, so it's best you get out there and meet people.

8 months ago