How much shoudl I charge for an app that is an interactive tour guide?

I am creating an iBook that is a floor plan of the building I work at (3 floors)

I have to create 4 different versions of this. When you click on the rooms in the iBook it brings up a picture of the employee who works in there with information about that employee.

How much should I charge my office for this service?

Thank you so much.
(not sure if this helps) This is not my job, actually no one at this place knows how to do anything like this. They asked me to do this (no where near what I was hired for) because they know tech. is a hobby of mine. I was just wondering if they had outsourced this to a company to create, how much it would cost.

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Honestly, I don't see that you should charge. Even better apps than this are Free. Rely on ads like free apps do. I don't think anyone will buy it honestly. If it was at my work I wouldn't buy it, I'd expect it to be provided

8 months ago