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Would you stop at a mall kiosk to get nail art done? By nail art I mean ombré nails, animal print nails and other basic nail art. This would not include a manicure (nail clipping, filing) just the nail ART. I'm thinking about opening a kiosk at my local mall and need a basic idea of how much trafic I would get. Thanks for answering :)
P.S: Is 8.00 to much to charge?

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I have no idea on pricing or the expenses for a kiosk but will make a suggestion you may want to consider. I was at a friends house and her manicurist makes house calls. Surprised me but she said the saloon chair rentals have become unaffordable. If you have a clientele already, or can do local advertising this might be an alternative to consider. Also I would think of nail art as an upsell to a normal manicure but being male it's not my area of knowledge. If nail art is more oft than not an impulse decision that would support the kiosk plan.

8 months ago