Name Ideas for Soap Business?

I want it to be something fun, yet classy! Any ideas for one?

8 months ago - 2 answers

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A couple of scrubs
Suds in the bucket
Stay Bubbly
Bubbles R us
Scents for Cents
Behind the Ears
The Soap Bar
"Names" Soap Bar

8 months ago

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There are sites with tools that help you come up with fictitious names, including:,,,,, some of these tools look up the domain name availability as you go.

If you find an available .com name, there's a high probability that it' not a trademarked name.

You might find an archive of name ideas and a forum where you might get expert advice at

There are lists of positive adjectives on the web that might be a source of inspiration for names like DelightfulAromas

by Jake - 8 months ago