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    Kpopcity.net, is it legit?

    I've already emailed and looked up on it, but I am not fully convinced. I have emailed the owner and they talked back with me, but can someone other than me look? http://kpopcity.net/
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    The 5 month old web site domain registration email address also appears on the profile of a 13 year old http://jimjim73.tripod.com/jimjim/std.blog?o=profile_p Only having disposable Gmail address does not speak well of the site's credibility note the phone number is for Hong Kong time. The Asian models is probably a positive sign that the Chinese made goods may resemble to photos, many counterfeit sites steal designer catalog photos, then deliver something that looks quite different. I would stick to better established ecommerce sites that actually list a business address on a Contact Us page. I would pay more to buy through a domestic supplier rather than direct buying fro China. e 3 basic tests you can make of an online store. 1) Check the domain name whois owner information, many of the Chinese counterfeit sites will be immediately exposed, (anything from China would be fakes.) http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp 2) Test 2: check the Contact Us page, if there is no identifying phone# or address forget it, imagine how easily an email alone can be ignored. 3) Search the web for complaints, try Googling: "thesite.com" scam, to see if it's been submitted to fraud site registries, a site under 3 months old will not have to to be included even it deserving.
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    • I don't know but I hope so. I would like to wear like my favorite K-pop idols. I think that it depends on countries. Good luck :)

      by Amazin haru - 19 hours ago

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