I am thinking about doing a skydive for charity next year...?

Well next year after February sometimes I will be doing a skydive for charity. I need sponsors though. And also before the day comes I would like to start raising lots of money for my chosen charity. Any ideas on getting myself out there and being sponsored? Or any ideas on how to actually raise money? I would be so happy if you could help me out :)
Amelia :)

8 months ago - 1 answers

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first and foremost: what is your motivation? If it is so other people can cover your sky dive then you're likely in trouble. So make it clear what your intention is.

You will be falling, so look for a charity that needs something to fall, like a disease rate or whatever

face to face still works well if you communicate clearly. A lot of people will give a dollar to help something out, so look for a lot of a little.

8 months ago