Good blogging website to earn without google adsense?

Well i used to use blogger, and then i figured out google adsense locked me out with litterly no reason or warning, well there was a reason but it was something i didnt do. I then made a hubpage since it has a different ad program, but i dont want to write insanely proffessional articles. So is there any blogging site with another adsense program (not just amazon/ebay because Nobody ever buys from those). Also not squidoo.

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Why not try your own hosted blog with a self install of WordPress, this gives you complete control of what to market so you are not limited to an "adsense" program. You can get started with a $10 domain and $5 hosting a month.

If this is not an option you always have the creators themselves WordPress they have a free blogging platform are secure in the market place so no worries of loosing your site. Best part they are html so you can implement all types of adverts. You can find the link in the source box for signup. Best of luck.


8 months ago