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    Resume Question: List former employer websites: yes or no?

    I left my previous three jobs in very good standing, and they all happen to have very interactive websites. I am a bartender and even some of the pics on the most recent website have me in them behind a busy bar.. Not that anyone reviewing my resume online would know what I look like. Does anyone think putting those company websites next to the company name in the experience section is a good (or bad) idea? They are all simple and really do show off the quality of my former employers. I'm thinking, if nothing else, it might help the resume stand out Thoughts?
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    It's an interesting idea--but probably it won't have much impact. Why not try it--and see if you get called back sooner. As a busy HR professional, I would not have time to review a website where a prospective employer worked--though some might. And the job process is not up to me--most HR pros simply review and screen the resumes, then pass along likely prospects to a higher-up or the hiring entity. This might be better in the interview process, not the resume. But you can try it and see if you get any positive reactions. It can't hurt.
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    Other Answers

    • Don't waste your time. Along with my normal duties I am currently reviewing resumes for an opening in my company and am receiving about 70-80 resumes per day. Some are up to five pages long. My job is to QUICKLY grasp what your qualifications are. Anything that would slow down that process would not be appreciated. If you feel strongly about using the websites, save that information for a second interview.

      by Pat Wooden - 6 minutes ago

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