What kind of rewards are offered on ScoreCard Rewards Program?

I currently have an Amazon Rewards Visa Card that gets me points on every purchase that I can directly use the points on Amazon at checkout. Im trying to keep my cards down to a minimum but my bank wants me to apply for their Platinum Rewards Visa because it is safer to use online. This card gives you the benefit of using scorecard rewards program, and says you can redeem points for travel awards and brand name merchandise. I'd like additional info since I can't get into the site myself and see exactly what they offer. Anyone use the this program?

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Don't fall for these gimmicks.
Banks are always trying to push things on people for profit.
What you have is better.

9 months ago

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Just a bunch of junk honestly!! `like the other poster answered, you are noT really getting your "money's" worth.......... Try to pay off your balance every month. As Clark Howard said ( "cash is king" .. Discover offers 1% cash back on all your purchases.......... `not paying interest is FAR preferable to all this, but if you can pay your balance off every month & save money in the bank instead (even better), you could use something like Discover to get 1% cash back'. ........

by Christdied4U2live - 2 months ago