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    Does this sound legit or scam?

    PLEASE HELP! Please everyone I want to know your opinion on this situation..i have a check here for $2210.00 from Hot Yoga Nashville from a Avenue Bank in Nashville, and the sender on the envelope was a Tom Christopher out of Virginia, claims to be on the behalf of a Adams Knox? Is this a stolen check or legit? This Adams Knox wants me to use the money to furnish his home with household supplies yet I still have not gotten a key to his house at this point. Now I have called the bank itself and had a check cashing place check on the check to see if its real and to my understanding it is a good check. However I'm in Grand Prairie TEXAS and am wondering why this is the name on the check if it comes from this Adams Knox. I dont want to cash this check if this guy is stealing these funds from the Hot Yoga Nashville company. Because I dont want to have to pay it back because I dont have money like that. I dont need this money bad enough to steal it from from anyone if this is a stolen check. and Hot Yoga Nashville is never answering any of their phones or returning my calls. How ever the bank says the funds are there and so did the check cashing place. But this is handled by 3 different people H Y N, Tom Christopher and Adams Knox. I really in my gut do not feel its a scam but my daughter does I just want to know everyone opinion on this matter before I try going to deposit this check into my own personal account.
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    Scam, scam, scam. Why would a stranger send YOU a check and ask that you furnish his house? Yes, there is money in the account, but the check you have is either a forgery or stolen. Do not cash that check. You need to get hold of Hot Yoga Nashville and let them know what is going on. Do not use the number on the check. Look at their website. Get a phone number, an email address, or message them on Facebook. Or do all three. I have heard of this scam before. It is not new.
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    • Sounds pretty shady. I'd recommend that you should go to the police and have them look at your situation. They should be able to track down the people involved to figure out whether or not this is a scam. It is better to be safe than sorry.

      by Robin - a day ago

    • I work in a check cashing place and i think if you are a regular in the place you want to cash it they should help you out.. tell them exactly wat u said here and if they think its a scam they won't cash it for you. One day when i was working a lady came in trying to send money to Louisiana for a miniature pig $250 !!! I told her that she should research more on it and refused cashing it.

      by Marisol V. - a day ago

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