Can you get in trouble for using fake business cards?

A friend of mine gave me some EpicMealTime business cards, as well as shirt. I was able to get no line/cover to every bar I tried, and I also got many free perks, such as free drinks. Obviously I have nothing to do with EpicMealTime, I just used it to get free drinks and such.

My real name is on the card so it would match the ID. Can I get in trouble for doing something like this?

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No I don't think so

10 months ago

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It's fraud and you're liable for prosecution. 5 years Minimum.

by Neil - 10 months ago

Yes, I agree - it is fraud.
However, the point that you raised in this question has probably made you uncomfortable in the first place - so I guess you a pretty sure it is but just wanted to double check.

My advice is that if something (generally) makes you uncomfortable - then don't do it - it probably isn't ethical or possibly legal (not everything is illegal).

We do a lot of printing was you can imagine - and from looking at the odd batch printed - we think most people's cards are legit. (You can never be 100% sure - but we find the names and addresses usually match the credit card details)


by Simply - 10 months ago