I want to make a thesis (advertising) about a certain brand's product, do I need to ask permission?

I want to make an advertising campaign THESIS for a certain brand's product. Do I need to ask their permission even if I'm not using any materials they published on their website?

also I've read that wholesalers can also advertise for products their selling, should I contact them instead (if the product is imported)

it would be a really big help if you can answer, thank you! :)
(I don't know if I should have put this in the "homework help" section, but I decided to post here since probably people who might answer are graduates themselves and have experience with it)

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to single out a brand name business product or service is I think exposing yourself to headaches not needed. To identify a BRAND of Beer and extol both its virtues, or its determents, or to attempt both could be viewed by their legal advisors as a calloused, attack, slander libel and copy write infringement subject to filing of civil redress. to quote briefly from published article or what is public domain, is viewed less narrowly
Now if you approach the broader subject, and discuss as your subject material the industries prevailing approach, and even then should your use as an example in non judgmental terms, considered as an attack upon the business.
an example I would purpose as key would be to state that Miller Brewing has not offered, in its advertising campaign any animals, whereas Budweiser has a long association with large draft horses.


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