(read description) Why is this priced so high on Ebay?

Okay so I bought this cheshire cat stuffed animal backpack for like 20 bucks at spencer's a few months ago, and now i'm going to sell it on ebay.
I was planning on putting maybe $10 on it but I just wanted to see what other people were selling for. I search it up and these are being priced 50-125 dollars.

So yeah, is there a reason for these being priced so high or are these people just crazy?

10 months ago - 1 answers

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I am a bey seller and Hello Kitty fan and see the same thing. To often the high price listers are ripoff sellers.Some times it is what the market is willing to pay. Still what listed on eBay is not the price it sells on eBay that is if it sells at ll. click on completed listing

10 months ago