Is Using A Font For A Logo Commercial use?

I'm making a logo that is going to be used universally for a lot of things that are within the group. I downloaded a font from dafont, and was wondering that if I used the font, would that be commercial use? I don't want to go ahead and do that because I of course need to purchase a license.

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I would certainly consider that commercial use. But usually has the designer's name and a way to contact them - so you can check with that person - to be sure.

Don't be so worried about buying a legal licensed version of the font. It could be as cheap as $5 or $10 (and for one version only - up to maybe $80).

If you are planning on using the font for the logo, there's a good chance you will use the same font for other materials and that would definitely be considered a commercial use.

10 months ago