Is Media Opportunities Direct, Inc a scam?

I received a letter from MOD or MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES DIRECT, INC at PO Box 223, 6160 AE Geleen, The Netherlands telling me that I won $1,677,519.00 and asked for $26.00 processing fee.

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If you send the $26, they send you a letter saying Congratulations. Then they mention that you have to pay tax in order for the money to be released. They will ask you for $79. If you send that money, the game continues. They will ask you for money up to 5 times before you realize that they are cheating you. You were smart to be skeptical.

10 months ago

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Reply if your stupid or greedy.

Really why would such a giveaway require processing fees?

by Jake - 10 months ago


by Marsha - 7 months ago

I received one of these letters. Looked odd so I did a search. Thanks for the info, but I have another question. Isn't it against the Federal law to use the U.S.Postal Service to work a scam like this?

by Barbara E - 3 months ago

same stuff some the cash for money do not sound right

by CraigT - 3 months ago

I received the same thing and THANKS FOR THIS INFORMATION !!! I HOPE THE POST OFFICE CAN STOP THIS !!! I Will Let them know !!! Thanks again.!!!

by WildOne - 2 months ago