how to increase slae on ebay?

Any tips I should use with my listings? This is an honest question

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This is an honest answer.

Few keywords in title, lousy pictures, lousy description, probably overpriced. Only 35 feedback as a seller; the very first one says "slow shipping"; several complain of SNAD. 2 of your DSRs are low.

Your feedback profile is NOT the place to have arguments with buyers. It was colossally stupid of you to say to a buyer: "UNFAIR!contacted buyer prior to selling about expiration.buyer is a liar!!!!!!!" It shows you are rude, childish, and blame the customer. That one comment by itself would end any consideration I might have of buying anything from you.

You're violating eBay's gift card policy by offering 2 gift cards in one listing, so I reported it.

10 months ago