How to partner with a Real Estate agent to generate mortgage leads?

I'm new to the mortgage lending industry. I have done loans and finance for about 5 years, but not much with mortgages. My first order of business is going out and speaking with Real Estate Agents. I understand they get bombarded with Mortgage Loan Officers and how much they want their business. I want to know how I can stand out of the crowd. Does anyone have any approaches they have used before that have been useful and successful? I would prefer answers from only Real Estate Agents or Mortgage Loan Officers. Thanks!

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As a former real estate agent of 10 years, I found the best approach is to contact Real Estate companies and ask to speak at the agent meeting. Prepare a talk about what sort of financing products are available and what you are seeing going on from your side of transactions. Tell them something they don't know about mortgages or tips to get buyers qualified. Show off your financial acumen and agents will respond. If you show that you are not a fly by night person and that you have the guns to back up what you are offering, agents will respond. There is always a need for reliable and capable brokers.

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