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    What Would you like to see in a salon or barber shop?

    Im the Owner of a Upscale Salon Chain called The Upscale Beauty Bar (www.theupscalebeauty.com/home) and I have a eatery,beauty shop, Child Care Center and a few other things in it, but I would like to know what would be your dream salon? Barber Shop? what would you like to see in it? (play station, nice lighting,) What events would you like to see or attend?
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    Personally, I go to the barber shop for haircuts. I like to get away from kids, and I love the smell of the places. Having an eatery and a child care facility takes away from all of that. You're basically just presenting a minimall. The best salon I went to in my life was just fancy. Warm lighting that was dimmer, plants and mirrors of all shapes. You don't go to a doctor for brain issues, you go to a neurologist. You go to someone who specializes in one field. Thats what makes good and knowledgable at what they do. Just the same as you wouldn't go to a beauty parlor for food, or drop off your kids, let alone hear someone else's. if you go to a beauty parlor that only does hair, sometimes nails and makeup, you usually know your getting the best job. Quality over quantity. Champagne would make it classy, if you're looking to draw people in. Just an honest opinion. Some people can't handle the truth, and that's okay too.
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    • WiFi, flat screen tv, wine bar, computer set up with hairstyle web-sites I can browse through instead of old magazines, and some hot male hair designers who look like David Beckham!

      by Kyra - 15 hours ago

    • People that actually know about different kinds of hair...education on hair care. flat screens that show different hair styles on various women not just one group with one type of hair. ( I was blessed with several grades of curly and wavy.) I would love to see naturalista workshops/ free samples of new products with natural products.. host product swap meet or how to use products that you offer in your salon.. videos of how to use these products would be great too... hate going into chain operations .. they use various products on my hair, offer to sell it to me but then I haven't a clue as to what they did to make it effective.. Would love to see domestic products.. less over seas stuff ..or at least more sustainable and fair trade products.

      by chasingpaper - 15 hours ago

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