Yahoo! Small Business hosting performance is really slow for our site?

My church is hosting their web site through Yahoo! Small Business. The performance is awful. Just going to another menu option can take more than 5 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds. I'm wondering if we've done something wrong with the site. Since our administrator doesn't know a lot about hosting, I don't even know where to find our log-in credentials or account info for Yahoo! Small Business. I promised to help them. Is there any way to talk to a live human being at Yahoo! to have them look at our account? Thanks!

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Alot of people have had this same issue, I had the same issue when I opened up a business a while ago. Once you do manage to get ahold of them though they tend to be very polite and helpful and truly eager to fix your issues. Personally I prefer Market America web centers. They offer a bigger package and things tend to run more smoothly. They do web hosting, give domain names but they also have 24/7 customer service which is very helpful and they can custom design or alter your site for you. There are thousands of awesome feature and yeah basically I brag on them because they changed my life and drove a TON of traffic to my business. Everyone has a right to be successful it's just hard to do without the right tools sometimes. If you're interested in them and you wanna shoot me an email my names Angel. I can set you up with a telephone appointment with a product specialist for FREE, who can discuss options and features for you and who is dedicated to helping you succeed. The customer service is just great. They will even make a mock site for you for free and show you how to use all of the features. Sorry I know i'm rambling. but yeah if you wanna know more just give me your name, business name, phone number, web-site and what is the best time for you to have a phone appointment morning, afternoon or night and I can help you out. God Bless and take care I hope it all works out for you!


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Hello Amy, sorry to hear you are having issues with your site performance. We would really like to assist you in this manner. You mentioned that you are not aware of the log-in credentials so you may not be able to access our normal contact portal at:

In the case that you are unsuccessful in contacting our support through that site, you can send your account and contact details to:

We hope this helps and look forward to hearing from you!


by YSmallBizCare - 10 months ago

Check out Little Nimbus

Much faster and cheaper than just about anyone else.


by Jay - 10 months ago

We have the same problem too. Even the customer service sucks. At any given time during regular hours it show 110-140minutes of wait time. Last but not least we can give our number and forget about it since no one calls us. What a great Job Yahoo is doing and no wonder why there were tonnes of complaints online by the users and business owners including myself. The sad thing is that customer service sucks. Sorry I didn't mean to say this way but it is annoying when you cannot get hold of someone to report to.

by uday - 5 months ago


May be this site can help you


by Robin - 2 weeks ago