Selling and mailing an item to someone on eBay?

If I am putting $6 earrings up for bid. How much would ebay take out of that? Like how much would I get? And how do I package the earrings up? Since they are small couldn't I just put then in a ziplock baggy and then put them in a white envelope? Or am I not allowed to do tht? I know there are these little square packages that people put there items in. How much do you think those would cost? Like around $3?? I mean. I don't want to sell them for $6 and then eBay take like $2 from me. And then have to use $3 of that money to buy packaging for it. Which the earrings then would be $1 !!! Help?

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They won't take hardly anything out if 6$. I have bought and sold lots of things on eBay. And yes u can put in a small zip lock and put in an envelope and mail it with no problems it is allowed.. I've done it before as well as received things i bought from eBay in a white envelope.your fine hip just do it

10 months ago