What are some telemarketing statistics? Such as answer rates and success rates?

I work 4 days a week, 4 hours a day for an insurance agent calling leads to try to get information for a free insurance quote. I was wondering what the average pickup rate is for cold calling, right now I have roughly a 10% answer rate. And I only get about a 1% success rate on getting the quote info.

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If I am reading this correctly: for every 100 calls you make, you get 10 people on the phone. Of those 10 people, 1 will give you their information or set an appointment. You might be able to change your script/style or change the time of day depending on the product you're selling to bring that up a little but I believe your results sound to be on par.

HOWEVER, it's all about what your boss thinks. Another important factor is how much time you are spending to get that one quote and if they are purchasing the coverage or not. Meaning, if it takes you 4 hours to call 100 people and that 1 person ultimately buys the coverage and nets your boss $200 (minus your 4 hours of pay), he's profited and should be relatively happy with the result. BUT if you take 8 hours to call 100 people and no one buys, he's just lost 8 hours of paying you for essentially nothing. The ultimate hit-rate is very dependent on your carriers and who is doing the selling/closing so you don't have a ton of control there.

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