I need a Good Construction Company Name Ideas?

I'm starting a concrete install / designer floor polishing company and I need a good company name. I need it to be memorable and bold. I have all the equipment to do it bobcat, saws, flows and chutes. Honestly this is the only reason why I started the business because of this reason. Sp shoot me some ideas to help me brainstorm.

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Sometimes people need a snazzy name to represent there business but it is important to remember that your effort puts value to the name not the other way around. with that said. here's a couple that came to mind

(your name) Flooring and Concrete - or vise-verca

Designer Install and Concrete Polishing Company

on another note i dont see the relation between the two fields of services you provide.. why would i call a concrete guy to polish my expensive floors? maybe i dont understand your service?


11 months ago

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Floor it
Floor Designz
Designer Floorz

by Carlos - 11 months ago