How much should I sell my watch for ?

I've got a Rolex Daytona Cosmograph black edition replica. It looks exactly like an original one because of the stamp (Winner 24 Rolex Daytona) and the swiss made logo, The weight is heavy like usual watches. I haven't got the box and the 20-60 second arrow below the minute one doesn't work.

Here are a few photo :

How much should I sell this for ?

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You will be fined $5000 if caught. Selling, and even possessing a replica in the USA is very illegal.

A replica cost about $10 make. They cannot be repaired. It is worthless. Odds are the case back threads are glued, so the watch cannot be opened (typical for a replica).

Obviously that is a professional photograph of a Real Rolex in the first photograph. That is not the watch you are trying to sell.

I can spot and replica in 10 seconds. Just shake it and listen for the scraping sound. Also the markers glow green on a replica. Finally there is the magnet test.

The Rolex Daytona has very specific behaviors that can be seen in the operation of the hands and sub-dials. A replica is obvious because the incorrect operation is pretty easy to spot. The sub-dial that you are calling "the 20-60 second arrow below the minute one" often does not appear work on replicas simply because the function of that sub-dial cannot be duplicated correctly using any common Chinese movement. The large second hand that sweeps the dial should always point straight up unless you are using the "stopwatch" function. Most Daytona replicas have a second hand that moves all the time because of the movement issue sited above.


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Get it fixed and then sell it for 1/2 the retail price.

by Peanut - 11 months ago

You can use one of these books
they are great and the best way to know everything you need to know about the Rolex trade world.

I personally own a couple of them and i cant tell you they are worth it.

by Giorgio - 11 months ago