Where to sell my products?

Hello. Im 17 and want to start up a business. I have connections with manufacturers in china and i can source nearly anything but mainly looking at clothing and watches. I can sell them at better prices than others and there better products as the middle man (wholesaler) is cut out. But where can i sell them, i have tried ebay but no one sees the items as there is two many listings any advice?

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If your prices are lower than everyone elses, on ebay you'll make a lot of money becuase people like my self go on ebay to look for bargains and they spend a lot of time to find that bargain.

Import things that don't really break down like electronics

You could sell your products at the weekend markets or even set up shop somewhere selling a variety of clothing but nontheless with every business there needs to be a plan and where you are going to sell things and to who you are going to sell things too are very important.


11 months ago

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by Thomas - 11 months ago

Ebay ,IRH websites,facebook,freebay pitsa,freebay basildon,freebay any thing on facebook its free

by fbi spy - 11 months ago

Ebay will be ideal for you to sell your products or you can build up your own blog with WordPress and install a free theme called 'Wootique' from

by Sam - 11 months ago