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    For a blog on writing... serious advice ?

    As a reader what will you like to read in a blog based on "writing" niche. I mean tips on writing or views on writing? What it should be like? How it should be presented to make the readers read it. How long the articles should be? Tell me your point of view only if you are a blog reader. And please give honest advice, take some time but answer in detail (no one liners please). You can ask your friends and then answer here for helping me. Thanks in advance. Think about your needs as a reader what makes you read an article? What are you looking for in an article based on niche WRITING.
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    Hi Uzma. Blog writing has a fairly specific style in terms of layout. Looking at the most popular blogs you can often spot similarities in how their articles are presented to visitors. Generally speaking blog articles are between 500 and 600 words. Any shorter and you won't be able to provide adequate information and any longer and people loose interest. Articles are broken into sections to make for easier reading. Otherwise, all people see is a single block of text which is less interesting. Have catchy titles like "5 Ways to Save..." or "Top Money Saving..." to get click-throughs. Always have an image if possible. It breaks up the text and gives the reader something else to look at. In terms of niche content, it doesn't really matter other than it should be well written and impart knowledge or entertainment. Write content you personally would want to read and that should work for most visitors. I've provided a couple of links which are good examples of how a blog article should look.
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