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    Should I back out of this job request?

    I've been trying to save up for the textbooks I need next semester. At the moment one of the side/odd jobs I do is making advertisements. I was asked to do a certain ad for an apartment complex and went along and did it. I asked opinions first on how it looked before sending it and I was told it was good. When I submitted it, they were really happy with it but then a few days later they told me I had to add some more text in the and also wanted to change the color of the font used. I told them that with the size they chose, the extra text would make it crowded and that the color red would make it look less appealing. The ad is like light green and white,the red text would make it look bad and also made it hard to read bu they didn't really care. I want to do it because I need the money but like I also don't want to be associated with that sh*t because of how bad it looks, I dunno, does anyone think that it matters much to have my name with it or should I just back out on doing it?
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    As long as they are paying for the changes - you should do them. You will never make money if you continue to feel this way. Clients' tastes suck! Consistently. Seriously - let's say you are doing a logo design and want to get 12 options in front of them. You come up with 10 really good ones and you're spent and throw in a couple so-so ones. Guess which one they will pick? Get used to it.
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