Does Survey Savvy really work?

Does it work? Cash? Not going to steal my identity? I'm a teen looking for extra cash on top of my part time job and need ideas/help! Thanks! ^_^

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You could make about 2 to 4 cents on average per hour.
You might have to accumulate $100 before they will send you a check.
They will charge for processing the check to you. Could be $25.
Know what you are getting into.

It could take almost a year working full time to buy a purse.
You would have to quit school, etc.

They do not steal your identity.
They make money by selling your information to any site that will buy it.
You will be bombarded with emails, junk mail, scam calls, you name it.
This will be for years to come.
People that do surveys for money are statistically likely to fall for scams.
They get good ones that will fall for anything advertised to them.
Some people will fall for anything they read. Strange but true.

11 months ago