How can I promote my website if I have such a broad topic blog? I like to stay this way also?

my website is

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Hi. There are a lot of different ways you could go about this.

You would do yourself a huge benefit to make posts also on other peoples' blogs that you like and or interact with (i.e. ones that interest you). Then that way you could create rapport with that owner. You could then begin to add links that point to your site.

The reason I mention this strategy is that that will allow you to write about a certain topic or area that you like and refer back to something different each time you comment or post something. It is a bit hard to explain but the concept is simple.

You might be looking for ways to promote that I am already aware of. However people that write have an especially powerful position. Because you are a pure content creator and have many experiences that you can put down in words.

I'd like to help you find additional ways that could work with your style and content. I am just offering my advice and knowledge that I have gained from being online and figuring out many ways to go about this. Feel free to contact me if you want additional information and assistance.

Btw, Nice site.

11 months ago