People are stealing my design online. Anyone know if there is anything that can be done?


I recently design some cushions and I am starting up my own business. I was really excited the other night when they went viral. I designed these cushions and have seen nothing like them anywhere else. I was hoping to make sales, but instead loads of the comments I've had were from people saying how they were going to make them. I had about 60 shares and people have posted them on their facebook page saying they are making them and people have asked them underneath to make them for them. This has really p****ed me off. I'm trying to make a living for myself with my designs and hoped that after 6,600 people online had seen them saying how much they wanted them, they would come to me, instead they are stealing my idea and selling to other people. Please help me because I really want to stop this from happening. Fair enough you can't stop everyone, but to actually post that you are making them is just really rude and cheeky I think. Any advice would be really appreciated. I can't believe people are sharing my actual facebook page which states I am the designer and then stealing my ideas. I don't think this is right in the slightest. Thanks

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Your options are really limited, if you had trademarked the concept you could take legal action against a company that reproduces them on a large scale, but chasing individuals is like shoveling sand in the ocean.
When content is stolen on the internet a cease and desist order can be issued by the documented owner of the content, it appears there may be legally speaking, no proof that you are the original designer.

You can read up on patents and tradrmarks at the US patent office:

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