How do I patent my idea?

I've been doing a lot of research and found that one of my many ideas hasn't been mass produced. Usually their is a reason something hasn't been produced but this is a good idea and I actually have a tight nit group of people supporting me in the could be a lot of money but how do I go about or where do I learn about patenting?

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Visit a library or a bookstore.
Read a book on how to patent your idea.
The lady that created Spanx did almost all of it herself saving thousands.
She is now a millionaire.
She read BOOKS.
You'll need money for legal fees. Not sure where you are going to get this.
Right now, you can barely pay the bills. I answered your other questions.

12 months ago

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Start by finding a local patent attorney and they will do a search of the patent with the patent office. There are many books about patenting also you can read.

by Mark - 12 months ago

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