Would this card work?

So, on eBay I saw the cutest hello kitty prepaid cards and they were really cheap. I wanted to buy one but then it said it was used. I was confused because the description said it was used so here's my questions:
1) Can this card still work?
2) If not does anyone at all know where I can get a prepaid card as I'm clueless?

Any help is appreciated.

(Please note that I'm on my phone because I'm away from home so I can't edit my question)

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For show only. Can't be used.
Bank of America no longer offers the design.
They do have other cute designs like a Panda Bear

Many credit cards (not debit cards) allow you to use your own picture on a credit card.
Capital One does. Or at least it used to.
I have a sunset picture from my home on it. Gorgeous.

12 months ago