Where else can I put my Ebay listing?

Where can I get more traffic for my Ebay listing? What websites can I advertise the product? It's a gaming system.


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What are your target market segments? What do they like and will most likely to visit?
1. They are gamers who age from maybe 10-35? and have enough earning to buy a system. However, they are price sensitive in the sense that they are not willing to go to a local store and just buy a system when they want to. If they want to buy a gaming system online, this means they probably also like to buy other things they like/need online.
In summary: this market segment are young, price sensitive, like video games, and like to do online shopping.

2. How do we reach out to them?

Where do most young and video gamers hang out?
1. gaming forums

2. youtube

(video gamers have to watch videos to learn techniques or watch competitions)

3. social networks

(like fb, you can get promotions on fb for cheap, or make a fb page for your ebay listings)

4. reddit, and local reddit groups

(including fb reddit group pages)

5. craigslist

(price sensitive ppl actively seek out things they want to buy on craigslist on a regular basis).

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